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1) What percentage of proceeds from this shop go to Breast Cancer Now?

100% of proceeds come to Breast Cancer Now.

2) Can I choose a different delivery address?

Yes. You'll be offered this option during the payment and shipping process.

3) I'm having trouble logging in! Help?

The Breast Cancer Now Shop is a separate system from other parts of the Breast Cancer Now website and at present, your username and password for other parts of the Breast Cancer Now website won't work here unless you created a Shop account using the same details. We're sorry about the inconvenience of having two accounts and suggest that, for simplicity, you simply choose the same username and password for the Shop that you use for the rest of the Breast Cancer Now site.

If this isn't the problem and you've simply forgotten your Shop password, you can choose to reset your password yourself.

And if you're still stuck, just email us at shop@breastcancernow.org and we'll be very glad to help.

4) Can I get a discount for bulk purchase?

Unless you're talking about thousands of items, then we're really sorry, but no.
The reason for this is that our pricing is based on the expectation of different order sizes - depending on the combination of items, packing requirements, shipping costs and so on, there are some orders on which we make very, very little. As we're trying to raise money to fund world-class research and much-needed support services for people affected by breast cancer, it's unlikely to be in the interest of the people we're supporting to reduce the profit. We hope you understand.

5) Will you send me products free so I can sell them and raise money for you?

Thanks so much for your interest in raising money for Breast Cancer Now, we're delighted! Although the Shop can't provide products free, Breast Cancer Now does provide fundraisers with items such as pin badges that can be sold to raise money for us. Just contact us here.

6) What is your pricing policy?

It's our aim to make a profit on what we sell so that we can increase the support Breast Cancer Now gives to people affected by breast cancer. Nearly all items we sell are exclusive to Breast Cancer Now but at the volumes of stock we buy, we're unable to get items at the very low cost the big retailers can, so our pricing certainly isn't as competitive as theirs.

However, we do try to ensure that the items are value for money - we're very aware that as you can't examine items in person you're having to take a leap of faith to purchase from us, so we try to ensure you won't be disappointed and will be really pleased by your purchase.

Postage and packing is priced so that we break even, and out of this cost we pay for postage, packing and packaging.

7) Why don't you sell ....?

If you have an idea about something we could sell, please contact us at shop@breastcancernow.org! It may be that there's a reason we're not selling it, or it could be that your idea is really helpful. Please do email us.

8) I'm a wholesaler with a product I'd like you to consider stocking. How do I tell you?

Great, we'd love to know more! You can email us at shop@breastcancernow.org. Please be aware, though, that pricing is very important as we need to offer value for money while making a profit to allow us to support more people affected by breast cancer, and our budgets are small. And items need to be individually packaged as they will need to be posted to people.

We have no shops on the high street so if a product is one that people would need to examine in person to have the confidence to buy it, it's probably not right for our mail order and webshop operation - we want to avoid disappointment for our customers as well as the cost of managing returns.

9) Will you pass on my details to other charities or companies?

No. Breast Cancer Now never shares or sells contact information to other charities or companies.

10) How do I find your nearest shop?

The Breast Cancer Now Shop is a virtual shop - available through mail order, telephone sales and online in this webshop.

To place an order by telephone, just ring us on 0345 092 0821 Monday to Friday 8am-7pm. We are open on Saturday mornings from 9am-midday.

11) Can I use American Express?

Just ring us on 0345 092 0821 to order by phone using AMEX. We're working on making it available in the online Shop too (it's only where we use the online Secure Trading payment system, at present, that we're unable to accept AMEX).

12) Why is there a lot of sold out stock?

We’re so sorry for the disappointment. Our autumn catalogue was very successful, and this has resulted in some stock having sold out. 

13) Why are there still items with Breast Cancer Care branding?

In April 2019 we took the bold step forward to become one charity for everyone affected by breast cancer – Breast Cancer Now. We still have some of our products with the Breast Cancer Care branding so we are not wasting the excellent products we still have.